Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sources for blog commenting assignments


Do the student blog comments have to come from netvibes or the class bundle for blogs?  Can it come from somewhere else as long as it is a class blog?

Assigned comments on a K-12 classroom blog can come from anywhere. We don't have those linked to our netvibes portal currently. Our K-12 Classroom Blog Finder page has suggestions, but you don't have to just go with those. The main thing is to try and find ACTIVE blogs which are in use currently, so you can provide feedback to students and teachers who are blogging NOW and will see/respond to your constructive input.

Starting with week 4, we are alternating required comments on EITHER classmate blogs or K-12 classroom blogs. Week 3 is the only week in which BOTH types of comments were required. (With hindsight, that was probably too much to assign for a single week.) Hopefully all our class blogs are now listed in my Google Reader bundle. If there is another classmate's blog you know about and can access, please:

  1. Feel free to comment on it during weeks when classmate blog commenting is an assignment (of course you can comment more frequently too if you want!)
  2. Let me know that blog website / URL with a comment here or a message in WebCT, so I can add it to my Google Reader bundle.

Remember to use our "Constructive Commenting with Social Media" rubric when commenting on all blogs.

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