Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Confused about NetVibes


I am confused about the netvibe account.  Is it an account we post to and if it is how do we post to it.

Our class Netvibes website is read-only for all students. As the site creator, I'm the only one who can change / customize it. This site is like a digital newspaper for our class. Once you link TO someone's blog, you can comment there, but you can't manipulate or change information on the actual Netvibes page.

In week 6 we are going to discuss "aggregators" in more detail, and specifically set up accounts on Google Reader. If you want to setup a Netvibes account you could, and then you could create a "custom portal" of information feeds as I've done for our class. You're not required to do that, however.

I created our class Netvibes portal so everyone can experience what a feed portal / aggregator is, and another option for creating one in addition to Google Reader. Google Reader is a personalized aggregator / digital newspaper which does offer some sharing options, but it's not entirely public in the way a Netvibes page / portal is.

Hopefully this will all make more senses after our week 6 in-class discussions about aggregators and Google Reader.

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