Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Problems commenting on student video project wiki (week 3)


I can't figure out how to leave a post in the wiki for 21st Century Global Leadership videos. I joined the wiki so I could comment, but I can't.

I think the teacher administering the wiki has now changed the permission settings so you do NOT need to join that actual wiki, but rather just register for and log into a WikiSpaces account. This is the comment now on the wiki front page:
Please visit the students' pages and respond to their projects by clicking the discussion tab at the top.
You do not need to join this specific wiki, but you will need to join Wikispaces if you are not already a member.

We welcome comments from anyone and everyone, and we're hoping to see some interesting conversations develop in the discussion are

Please let me know via a comment here if you're now able to leave comments in the discussion area of the project you viewed.

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