Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Can we use Google Images for our VoiceThread Project Pictures

I'm not really sure what were are supposed to be doing for this [our VoiceThread mini-project], but I'm trying to at least get pictures for it. I was just wondering if we have to use the picture websites you gave us or can we get pictures of google and other public sites?

No, you may not use Google Images for your VoiceThread mini-project.

You must use Creative Commons images you find using Compfight and/or FlickrStorm to get your images for your project, unless you use homegrown (personal) or public domain images. The reason for this is I want you to practice finding "copyright friendly" images from these sources. When you typically do an image search on Google or another search engine, the images you find do not readily permit you to know your LEGAL rights to reuse and republish those images. When you use Creative Commons images, you CAN know your legal rights of re-use because those are specified by the Creative Commons license used by the image owner / publisher.

Remember a series of 7 screencasts are available explaining how to use VoiceThread and create your mini-project using it. Two screencasts are available which specifically show you how to use Compfight and FlickrStorm.

Locate copyright friendly images with for an educational media project (link to Compfight - cross-posted to YouTube

Locate copyright friendly images with Flickrstorm for an educational media project (link to Flickrstorm - cross-posted to YouTube

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