Sunday, January 24, 2010

Questions on classroom blog commenting

When responding for the k-12 blog are we supposed to respond to one person's different blogs or can it be two different students? Also, I went through and tried the different links you gave us for these blogging communities, most of them are not active and the ones that are usually don't have the students' blogs, almost all of them are for teachers' blogs. Do these have to be student blogs or can they be teacher blogs that we are responding to? Do you have any direct links that are guaranteed active student blogging links that you can recommend specifically?

You can write comments on multiple posts on the same K-12 classroom blog, you don't have to comment on different blogs. Ideally I'd like you to develop a relationship with students and a teacher on a specific blog that is active. I recognize that may not be possible. I'll work on getting direct links to active classroom blogs. For now here are a few you can try and use:

You can leave comments on a teacher's blog for week 2, but I really want you leaving comments on student blogs. They ARE "out there," and I'll work on getting more links for us! :-)

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