Sunday, January 24, 2010

Blog comments not showing up


When commenting on another person's blog, for some reason it does not show up. I have re-sent the same comment 4 times on one blog and it will not show up. I attempted to send another comment to a different person's blog and yet still received the same result. I have subscribed to the different blogs as well. Do we have to wait for approval on a comment? Or am I missing a step?

If the blog author or person who setup the blog has turned on comment moderation, you will have to wait before the comment shows up. If you've chosen an active blog (which has recent posts on it) then hopefully the administrators of the blog will check up on it frequently and moderate comments. If your comment doesn't show up by the time you write your post linking to your blog comments, just note that in your post.

Generally most blogs will show a message like "Your comment will show up after approval by the blog owner" if moderation is being used.

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