Tuesday, January 19, 2010

No Home Internet Access

If I don't have Internet at my house, will that be a problem?

No, that shouldn't pose a problem. You will be able to complete the assignments for this course from any Internet-connected computer. This includes computers available at the UCO College of Education, library computers, or other Internet-connected computers. Each week in class we'll have half the time to work, so you should be able to get a good portion of your work each week actually done in class. There WILL, most likely, be a need for you to get online and complete assignments outside of class each week, but that can be done on any Internet-connected computer.

The one circumstance where you might run into trouble is if you're using a computer at a K-12 school which has very conservative content filtering in place. This is actually fairly common. Sites we are using like Blogger.com and Diigo are sometimes blocked at schools, so in that event you'd need to find another computer which is not so severely content filtered to use for your T4T assignments.

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