Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Finding educators to follow on Twitter


Where do you find the 10 different educators for Twitter? Are you supposed to know them? When you do find one do you just follow them? I am new to Twitter. Lol.

In section 4 of our course materials for week 1, under the heading RESOURCES you'll find several suggested Twitter lists provided.  This site is the best one I know of to locate educators to follow:


I have also shared the following lists on this page you can use:

Twitter lists to find educators to follow:

Any Twitter user can create lists like these. The first one is a list I've created. The 2nd is a list created by Kern Kelley, an educator in Maine who follows many educator-leaders in technology. The 3rd list is maintained by Matt Cauthron, an ADE (Apple Distinguished Educator,) and includes other ADEs. As a rule, ADEs are a very creative and tech-saavy group. Click on one of the lists and scroll through the names. You can view individual profiles, and based on both the descriptions/bios of each person and the actual updates they have recently shared, you can decide on at least 10 other educators to follow.

These Twitter lists are just provided as a starting point. Once you find one educator you want to follow, you might also try clicking on other users that person is FOLLOWING. In some cases you'll notice Twitter users are maintaining other lists, and you can click on those lists to find other people to follow.

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