Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Unit Plan Assignment Format


What should the outline for our unit plan be formatted and what should it include?

Does the assignment of adding the outline of unit plan refer to the template document we received in week 4?

Is there a place I can access examples of unit plans?

How can I type in the Unit Plan Template given to us during Week 4?

See the March 12th FAQ blog post, "Unit Plan Template and Rubric." That post provides a link to the Google Document we are using. You should have created a copy of this during week 11 and shared it with me.

Yes, the outline of the unit plan refers to the template document shared in week 4, and also linked in the post above.

No, I do not know of a location online where examples of other unit plans can be accessed. That is a very good idea, however. Because our unit plans are modifications of the "traditional" unit plan done in this class, ours will look a little different. We are using the same rubrics, but you should be including some of the technology tools in your unit plan that we have discussed. Dr. Owens in week 11 suggested using at least one teacher-focused technology tool, and one student-focused technology tool. To receive full credit for the assignment, you'll need to use at least one tool we've discussed appropriately.

You need to edit and open the Google Document to type in it. Use the above link to copy it into your own Google Docs account, where you can edit it.

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