Friday, March 12, 2010

Unit Plan Template and Rubric

Here are the two documents you'll need to complete for your T4T Unit Plan Assignment. These are both shared as Google Documents, which you can COPY and add to your own Google Docs account. Do this by clicking the EDIT THIS DOCUMENT button in the lower right corner of the screen, as you are viewing the document.

Edit and Copy a Shared Google Doc

 You can edit the template on Google Docs or in MS Word, before submitting it through Passport.
  1. Unit Plan Template (you will fill this out and turn it in)
  2. Unit Plan Rubric (check this to see how your plan will be graded / assessed)
I recommend you add both these documents to YOUR Google Docs account, so you'll have your own local copies. Read the template first, and then look over the rubric.

For your Google Site assignment (week 7) you just need to write a brief outline of what you're planning to do for your unit plan. If you want you can link to a read-only version of your Unit Plan Template on Google Docs. If you do that, I (and potentially others) can give you specific feedback on what you've written and done so far.

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