Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Presentations over Skype


In week 6 one, of the video discussed using Skype to bring presenters to speak to audience.  Instead of being present in person they are present via Skype.  This got me to thinking and I have a questions.  Most speakers are paid to speak in person.  When speaking via Skype are presenters still paid or does using Skype change the payment process and fees?

Presentations are shared over Skype for free and for fees. It all depends on what is negotiated between the organization or individual bringing in the guest speaker over Skype, and the speaker. I've given presentations for money over Google Video, and many presentations for free over Skype. An organization in North Carolina is paying me later this week to share a 45 minute presentation over video, and initially they wanted me to use Skype. They changed their mind, however, and now I'm going to use Ustream. There are benefits and drawbacks to each format.

Generally speakers will charge LESS for a virtual presentation over video than they would charge for a face-to-face presentation. That is the case with me.j

I heard that earlier this year (I think in February) well known educational technology expert Alan November shared a keynote address with educators in New Zealand over video. I'm not sure exactly where Alan was, but he lives in the Boston area. I think he presented over H.323 video, which has been a higher definition video format and more reliable (typically) video connection format than desktop video options like Skype.

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