Friday, February 18, 2011

How to Subscribe to a Website as a Channel in Google Reader, and Categorize / Organize it in a Folder

The following three minute screencast demonstrates how to "subscribe" to a website as a new "channel" of information using Google Reader, and then organize or categorize that "feed" in a folder. Google Reader is a free news aggregator which can be used to create customized, digital newspapers. It integrates well into phenomenal applications like FlipBoard for iPad, but can be used on any mobile device as well as laptop/desktop computer with a modern web browser.


 Google just updated its Android-based app for Google Reader this week. This screencast was recorded for free using Screenr, and cross-posted to YouTube from Screenr. This was created for students enrolled in "Technology 4 Teachers" at the University of Central Oklahoma in Spring 2011.

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